About Me

I have been an active photographer for over 35 years since I began in my early teens.

Unfortunately the majority of my portfolio has been lost, with this in mind I have been given an opportunity to rebuild it. I decided to create this website as not only somewhere to showcase my new beginning, but also to share my progress and adventures with you, and with your support and encouragement I know that I will be able to make the most of this new beginning.

During my career I also ran a small and successful modelling agency, which I am also going to start again. I covered most genres of the modelling industry but my main forte was fashion. I did have a good rapport with some and since out of business catalogue companies, those were the good old days. As an agent my priority was the well being of my models and their needs always came first. Which also brings me to my current situation where I am able to offer my services once again, whether that be taking on new models and training them or just giving advice.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be able to offer an in house printing service, this has also meant that I am able to offer much more than just taking pictures. I have been able to produce a variety of printed products from calendars to wedding albums, and everything in between which I will in due course make available online.

So my friends before I go, I would like to thank everyone from my past my present and my future.

To new beginnings and adventures.